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Say the fight against muscle soreness with CBD

9.September 2020 | Manuela

Person stretching and stretching their arm towards the foot

Whether it's after a long hike, first attempts at walking by sporty muffins or after testing personal limits: Sore muscles are probably the best-known side effect of physical exercise.

What is sore muscles?

In the past, it was believed that muscle soreness was caused by lactic acid overacidification of the muscle. However, new observations show that the pain is more likely to be caused by microtrauma in the muscle tissue. These are small tears that occur during new or stressful movements, become inflamed and become unpleasantly noticeable after a few hours. What can be a nuisance for amateur athletes when climbing stairs, can undesirably prolong the recovery time for professionals.

Support the body's own mechanisms with CBD

In addition to good warm-up and relaxing baths, CBD can also actively support the body and is therefore gaining more and more attention among athletes.

  • Among other things, CBD binds to the TRPV-1 receptor, best known for its painful response to hot chilies. CBD can have a calming effect on precisely this pain receptor.

  • Further, CBD stimulates the adenosine receptor, which is responsible for cardiovascular supply and can thus promote blood flow.

A muscle that hurts less and is better supplied with oxygen is a muscle that can be used again more quickly. So why not massage a few drops of CBD oil into the next sore muscle and support the body's own mechanisms in their work?

Dropper and packaging of the CBD oil Fortuna by Grünkraft

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