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Support the regeneration of the body through CBD

20.October 2020 | Manuela

Someone ties his red jogging shoes in the sunlight

Did you know that the word "training" used to mean only the training of horses? Only later developed the word meaning known to us. The more you know, the better! Just as important as training is regeneration in sports. So let's turn our attention to the active ingredient CBD for sports recovery.

With rest and CBD comes strength

Sounds a bit absurd at first glance: "Recovery is an important part of a good workout". But it is. In order to stress the body in a healthy way, training breaks are essential. If you don't give your body regular breaks, you will quickly undermine your own training successes.

That CBD has a direct performance-enhancing effect and promotes muscle growth is a myth. But, and here's the thing: CBD can have an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and relaxation-promoting effect and thus optimally support the body in its rest phases. This, in turn, can lead to better performance.

Muscles can only grow, movement patterns can only be stored, and performance can only be enhanced if the body has enough time to recover. Replenishing empty nutrient tanks, forming new networks in our neurons, and preventing organ overload are all important components in preventing a drop in performance and injury. If you want to exercise in a healthy way, you need recovery.

CBD's contribution to your recovery

If you exercise regularly, CBD can help you optimize your recovery periods. The plant compound CBD can have a relaxing effect due to its anti-inflammatory elements.

Basically, the human body has its own immunological protection mechanisms. Sometimes, however, inflammation may not go away so easily on its own. CBD can help your body cells to strengthen your immune system. On the one hand, CBD inhibits the NF-κB signaling pathway, a key traffic route in severe inflammation. On the other hand, CBD participates in the modulation of the factor TNF-α, this supports the body in inflammatory processes, such as fever.

Summa summarum: CBD can have an anti-inflammatory effect, support the protection of your cells and thus enable a faster regeneration.

CBD also accompanies you mentally to the goal

A successful recovery phase consists not only of physical recovery, but also of mental rest. Athletes who compete know how crucial their mental state can be. A central factor, especially for mental health, is a restful sleep.

Better recovered thanks to CBD

Some testimonials have shown that CBD can also have positive effects on sleep. While we sleep, a wide variety of processes take place: From the cleansing of waste materials to ordering processes and generally regenerative developments. The natural healing substance CBD can in turn support these processes and work towards our inner peace. During sleep we process the stimuli and impressions of the day and a disturbance of these processes can make us unfocused and ill in the long term. Efficient sleep is therefore just as important for being a successful athlete as physical training.

So dear jock, do you train frequently, CBD can help you improve your performance naturally. It's best to give it a try! If you're concerned about the THC content of our products, we recommend our THF-free CBD oil Fortuna. We at Grünkraft are also happy to help you with advice, action and the latest lab results!

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