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Can you get sleep disorders under control with CBD?

17.November 2020 | Manuela

Woman with sleep mask holds up an alarm clock

"Can I get you something? Coffee? Tea?"

"I'm more of a tea guy," Sandman says, sitting down at the table in our meeting room. We serve him his hot cup of Bernese Roses with a dash of CBD and address our concerns directly:

"How about we give you a backpack of CBD for your next visits? You know, we did some research and found that about 25% of your Swiss clientele is dissatisfied with your work. We want to help."

"CBD? I'd love to!"

Quite a lot of sleep disorder in the country - distribute CBD nationwide?

We spend about a third of our lives asleep. With an average life expectancy of 80 years, that's over 25 years. At first glance, quite a lot of fallow land. But if you take a closer look, you'll see that our bodies do incredible things while we sleep! It cleans up and regenerates, processes and produces new things. Restful sleep is the basis for good health. So it is all the more alarming that every fourth person in this country seems to suffer from some form of regular sleep disorder. Can CBD help here everywhere? A little CBD and we're all contented groundhogs? Unfortunately, it's not that simple.

Lack of sleep: versatile causes - versatile docking sites for CBD

Most of us have probably experienced it: You toss and turn, calculating for the seventh time how much sleep is left if you were to fall asleep rightuu now, and an hour later you still haven't gotten a wink of sleep. Totally grueling. What is a rare occurrence for some is an almost daily problem for others. Not only falling asleep, but also sleeping through the night can become a challenge and the nightly tossing and turning can seem endless. Those who experience this more often will soon notice that the lack of sleep makes everyday life more difficult. Difficulty concentrating, circulatory problems and mood swings are just a few of the complaints that chronic sleep deprivation can cause. In the long run, sleep deprivation can also be life-threatening, because we still don't know much about sleep and its motivations. One thing is for sure though, if we stop sleeping, we die.

CBD - The long-awaited sleep bringer?

The triggers for sleep disorders are varied and sometimes difficult to localize. The cause can in turn be aggravated by lack of sleep - a vicious circle. This is where CBD could possibly provide relief. CBD is a herbal remedy and, with its cannabinoids and terpenes, can at best gently support the body's own sleep mechanisms. Unlike pharmaceutical sleep aids, physical dependence is not an issue here and when the alarm clock rings, you don't feel hungover either.

Combating sleep disorders with CBD

Hand on heart, from a scientific perspective, there are still some question marks as to whether and especially how CBD affects the sleep process. Nevertheless, current data and testimonials support the thesis that CBD can promote good, or more precisely, continuous sleep. If we assume that cannabinoids could have a pain-relieving and relaxing effect, we can also expect that some sleep complaints can be alleviated.

For example, a promising ingredient in some CBD plants is myrcene. Sounds a bit like a Harry Potter character, but it's a terpene and is notable for its sedative effects. We think many of you have had something to do with myrcene, as it is also a component of hops.

Good sleep hygiene ensures sweet dreams

Those of you who have often dealt with the topic of sleep disorders and are tired of hearing the same advice over and over again can skip right to the next section here. Everyone else: Sleep also has a lot to do with sleep hygiene, and the very first thing you should do here is clean up your act. Regularity when going to bed, room temperature, use of cell phones or other screens in bed, noise pollution and much more should be optimized in a first step. CBD can then also come into play as a support.

The success for a healthy sleep depends, as so often with CBD, on the individual and his complaints. It is best to simply try it yourself or to ask at your next doctor's visit. In general, two rules of thumb can be derived from all the experience reports in literature and forums, from sufferers and professionals:

  • More CBD has a sedating effect, while less CBD tends to stimulate.

  • It is better to use it a good hour before bedtime than right after brushing your teeth.

So if you want to get a herbal alternative on your side, you might benefit from a positive effect of CBD.

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