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How can CBD contribute to better sex?

16.February 2021 | Manuela

Two pairs of entwined feet protrude from a bedspread

Why is sex actually called "the most beautiful minor matter in the world"? For many, it's not so unimportant. According to a survey by the FOPH, 84% of Swiss men and 68% of Swiss women say that sex is important or very important to them. Doesn't sound so unimportant, especially when it doesn't work out the way you want it to. Can CBD help? Let's find out.

Cannabis and sex - old hat

Once again, the knowledge about cannabis and its effects is much older than one might think. Already a good 2000 years ago, the stimulating effect of cannabis was recorded in tantric texts. Consumption is said to increase tactile sensation and the feeling of intimacy between partners. Sounds promising, although one has to assume that THC plays a crucial role in these experiences. Today, we know that the excessive use of THC can lead to a decrease in libido. So what role does CBD take on?

CBD will not directly affect your sex life. It is not an aphrodisiac, will not convert air into desire, and will not make anything last longer. What then? It's not like Grünkraft is going to launch a "Love Spray" for nothing. CBD can influence some of the symptoms that are responsible for the doldrums in bed. Libido problems can have many causes, psychological or physical, chronic or acute, young or old, vajayjay or schnäbi. CBD can help.

Pleasure killer: pain during sex

What is a fetish for some is the number one pleasure killer for others: pain. Pain can make sex torture and disrupt libido in the long run. Cannabidiol is considered anti-inflammatory and analgesic. CBD interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system. It plays on receptors that are directly responsible for pain perception. These are activated by the intake of CBD and release tension in many places. A chance for pleasure without pain. If you want to know more about the mechanisms we are talking about here, you should consult our blog on the topic of regeneration in sports.

Blood circulation = pleasure gain during sex

CBD relaxes and lowers blood pressure. First hesitant studies show that cannabidiol probably has a vasodilatory effect and thus promotes blood flow. There are about 8000 nerve endings in the clitoris, and about 4000 in the penis. CBD can promote blood flow to the sexual organs and their mucous membranes. This leads to increased sensitivity of the thousands and thousands of nerve endings and natural lubrication. Sex can become more intense than ever before.

Fear inhibits pleasure in bed

A factor not to be ignored in problems with sex is fear. Pressure to perform, fear of new things, a negative body image, traumatic experiences, problems with intimacy, shame: fear during sex has many faces. It can block and bring sex life to a standstill.

Two studies from the 2010s offer hope that CBD may be a natural way to influence anxiety. Science suggests that CBD positively affects activity in the brain regions of the limbic and paralimbic systems. Both are central systems for our emotions. Furthermore, CBD has been shown to be able to significantly increase serotonin and glutamate levels in different ways. An increase in serotonin levels in neurons minimizes anxiety, among other things. So CBD can not only relax you physically, but also psychologically.

That's why CBD and sex make a good team

Research is still in its infancy when it comes to CBD in general. Nonetheless, isolated studies and a variety of experiences suggest that CBD can be a tool for increasing pleasure. By promoting blood flow, relieving pain, and calming anxiety, cannabidiol can rekindle desire. Sex can become more intense. This is exactly where Grünkraft comes in with its "Love Spray." A small amount of CBD, ideal for beginners:inside, paired with seductive turmeric and ginger, are said to revive libido. Because, although an average orgasm lasts just 13 seconds, it is somehow, quite honestly, anything but incidental.

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