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That is why CBD products have their price

15.December 2020 | Manuela

In a shopping cart are CBD oil and cannabis flowers

Anyone who has ever plowed through the various CBD offers will soon realize: CBD has its price. The industry is no longer so young and a certain price level seems to stabilize. CBD promises a lot, can do a lot and also costs something.

Good things take time: Cannabis plants need time to grow

Our Bern CBD oils involve a lot of work. Nature is awakening, the birds are chirping and somewhere in a valley of the Alps one of our Grünkraft gardeners plants a seed. Slowly and with a lot of good encouragement, the first shoots develop and the life of a cannabis plant begins.

Under constant supervision, the longed-for flowers develop either in the fresh air, in a greenhouse or in our indoor facilities. This does not happen overnight. On the contrary, it sometimes takes up to half a year. Our grow team cares for the plants, makes sure they don't freeze, get enough healthy nutrients and that no uninvited guests settle in. This takes patience and experience. Something that has to be learned over years.

Only when the blossoms almost jump out at us is the harvesting done. By hand, the plants are further processed, cleaned, cut and made pretty for their next destination. We would not want to miss this process, as it is the close contact with the plant in nature that is the driving force in our company. Nevertheless, such a lengthy process is also reflected in the costs. You could also shorten the whole thing, get Chinese isolate and off you go. But quality, the environment and, quite honestly, our motivation would go down the drain.

From the field to the lab - A Bernese CBD oil is created

Our well-freshened harvest is transformed into a CBD extract in the next process. With futuristic-looking machinery, our cannabis plants are turned into a sticky mass that looks a bit like a lump of amber. The plants go through a wide variety of purification stages, before and after extraction. Quality needs patience and musse here as well. The extraction must be carried out very carefully, so that all the active ingredients of the plant are preserved. To guarantee an optimal transition from green to amber, experienced experts with precisely calibrated tools are needed.

In the next step, the CBD extract is mixed with a suitable oil. In the case of our Luna CBD oil, for example, this is an organic coconut oil (MCT). It would be a shame, after all the work, to work with an inferior oil here. It could be done, it would be cheaper, but you don't like to mix a good drop with a rotgut. We could move the whole extraction abroad and save a chunk, but we'd rather keep the plants in Bern. Homesickness and all that.

Quality control - the cannabis plant is tracked at every turn

All the processes described here are subject to strict rules and controls. Our cannabis plants, our extracts and our final products are regularly tested and checked for quality on all levels. Not only the THC and CBD content is constantly monitored, but also the purity is checked for us by external laboratories. This is the only way we can guarantee consistent quality. Could we save a few lab bills? Here and there, maybe. But we wouldn't get a wink of sleep without the assurance of delivering you the best possible products.

Behind every CBD product is the Grünkraft team

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Now we've got this thing in a bottle, let's go! Handbrake. Before the CBD lands in your mailbox, a lot more happens. First of all, we in the Grünkraft team are constantly asking ourselves what the right product for you might be. And right behind that, we have another pile of questions:

  • How should we package, ship, describe, dress the product?

  • Where do you even get wind of our products?

  • How can you order it to your home without much effort and with the most pleasant clicks possible?

  • How do we navigate the constantly changing legal requirements in such a young industry?

  • Has anyone watered the houseplant today?

  • Who will repair the solar panels?

All these questions, and to be honest, many, many more, are taken care of by a dedicated team of employees. We want to take care of them too, pay them fairly, and work together on the future of Grünkraft.

No shortcuts: Where Grünkraft is on it, Switzerland is in it.

As you have noticed, there would be possible shortcuts and savings that we could translate into lower prices. However, the compromises we would have to make to do so are not worth it to us. When you buy a bottle of Grünkraft CBD, you are buying a Bernese product, Swiss quality, sustainable thinking and social fairness.

Cannabis is a natural remedy that has been used for a long time. CBD has a great potential and should make the power of nature accessible to us again. Headaches, period pains or muscle aches can be alleviated. But this relief should also be affordable without qualitative losses. Grünkraft is trying to walk this tightrope and hopes you will stay with us.

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