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Grünkraft: Your CBD Company

A single rich green cannabis leaf on turquoise background
Man holding cannabis leaf against the light in sunset

Our Vision

"Cannabis for all" is the declared Grünkraft goal. We are convinced of the usefullness and ability of natural healing that Cannabis brings, and you should be convinced too. Together, we are creating a more relaxed world.

«With Grünkraft, we want to set a high standard in a new and dynamic industry. Cannabis should be allowed to show its potential again. The plant belongs in the light, only there can it flourish.»

Philipp Eltz, Company Founder and Member of the Executive Board

The Grünkraft team stands in an industrial area and looks up at the photographer

The Grünkraft Team

What started with three ambitious Bernese in 2017 is now a busy team with around 30 employees. We all work towards the same goal: to make your cannabis experience unique.

Who's behind it?
Part of the Grünkraft team raises its arms in jubilation and laughter

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