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Karin has headaches - Can CBD help her?

3.November 2020 | Manuela

A woman grasps her head in pain

"I've had regular migraine attacks for a few years. They put me quite out of commission. The headaches start at the back of my neck and slowly creep up the back of my head. I feel a dull throbbing in my head, my eyes hurt, and I become sensitive to light and noise. The migraine attacks sometimes last for days, which already affects my daily life quite a bit. I'm a mother and a worker, which already makes it difficult with severe headaches."

We meet Karin on a beautiful autumn day in central Switzerland. Like about 20% of Swiss women, she suffers from migraines. "I've already been to the doctor about it and there are assumptions about where the attacks come from, but unfortunately it hasn't really helped so far." Over a cup of coffee and cookies, Karin tells us how she came across CBD.

CBD - An unknown quantity in the fight against pain

"I started, like most people, with common painkillers, but soon reached their limits. From the family I got the tip for CBD. I had never heard of it and was skeptical at first. I have to admit, my first association with cannabis was drugs. I then had a few conversations and did some more research. Grünkraft was recommended to me.

At first I dosed the CBD very weakly, adding a drop more every now and then as time went on. I had to feel my way a bit. Soon I felt effects. Honestly, if I have raging pain, then even CBD is of no use. But I noticed that if I take the CBD in time, that is, when I feel the first tugging on my neck, the drops can noticeably flatten the pain. They are not completely gone, but certainly more manageable in a busy daily life. I've never felt any side effects like intoxication or anything like that."

Sounds like a modest success at first, but if one considers that conventional painkillers no longer made a difference, one should by no means underestimate the potential of the natural product CBD in pain management.

«In a normal attack, I would already place the pain level at a solid 7 out of 10. I've noticed that with the proper use of CBD, I can noticeably reduce that number.»


Karin's headaches and CBD - Is there a sequel?

"I continue to take CBD. With an herbal product, I'm also more willing to experiment a bit in the long run. Right now I am trying to influence the regularity of my headaches with daily mini doses. Also, Grünkraft was kind enough to provide me with their future water soluble emulsion to try out. Already a huge improvement in taste. Just add a few drops to a glass of juice and drink. Here I have already noticed after a few applications: the CBD works faster and more directly. I'm happy to be able to counteract my headaches with Grünkraft CBD."

We ourselves became quite relaxed at the sight of the mountains of Central Switzerland in their autumn colors. We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Karin for the interview and her openness. Such contacts are very important to us and to be able to share such experiences with interested people is something we cannot do without for the future of CBD. One last question we allow ourselves at the end: "After this conversation, what is your first thought when you hear the word "cannabis"?" Karin smiles, "A great natural product, what else?!"

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