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What is an emulsion and how does it relate to CBD?

9.October 2020 | Manuela

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Emulsion: "It's on my moisturizer", "Kinda heard it in chemistry class", "Mayonnaise is an emulsion, right?". Many have encountered the word "emulsion", but what does it actually mean and what does it have to do with CBD?

What is an emulsion?

Emulsions are preparations consisting of two or more substances held together by emulsifiers. They are used when two substances cannot be mixed easily, for example oil and water.

Let's stay with the classic example of oil and water: If the mixture is stirred properly, a somewhat heterogeneous mass is created for a short time. This happens because the oil particles are reduced in size by the stirring and are thus better distributed in the water. In an emulsion, a substance is reduced to its nano size, about one millionth of a meter, so it can be better combined with a second substance.

What exactly does this have to do with CBD?

CBD is a lipophilic substance, which means it mixes well with oil. This reduces the bioavailability of CBD. Or simply put, makes it harder for the body to get the substance into the bloodstream quickly and efficiently. A lipophilic substance has to go through a few more stages in the body to be absorbed than a hydrophilic (water soluble) substance. So you lose quite a bit of baggage along the way, in our case CBD. An emulsion with water can noticeably increase this bioavailability. This makes it easier for the body to process the CBD and send it to the desired area of the body.

How does Grünkraft take advantage of this knowledge?

Grünkraft is constantly working on new products to give you the best CBD experience possible. The traditional carrier oil is now supplemented by water in Grünkraft's product range, thanks to their in-house emulsion. This massively increases the bioavailability. So you achieve more with less! This allows you to reduce concentration and dose. So grab your favorite drink and mix in a little relaxation. Don't taste it, don't have it anymore!

P.S. Yes, mayonnaise is also an emulsion.

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