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What is the Entourage Effect and what does full spectrum mean?

22.January 2021 | Manuela

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"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" - we can't sum up the Entourage Effect any better than the philosopher Aristotle. Although it was not yet a scientific topic more than 2000 years ago, some of the philosopher's contemporaries certainly already benefited from its advantages.

Act One: The Ensemble

Today we take a detour into the theater. At least in a figurative sense. The play for today's matinee is called "Full Spectrum." Something quite modern. Our leading lady is called CBD, she is the star of the performance and regularly causes chicken skin moments. Opposite her is THC, with his baritone voice he reaches even the back rows in the hall. In the supporting roles we find the terpenes. Pinene, Linalool and many more jump around the stage like crazy. Stage design and costumes are by the Flavanoids, the creative minds behind the scenes.

Can you still remember each of the performers? Terpenes, the essential oils with surplus? The lining flavanoids? If not, take another detour to our blog on "CBD? What is it, anyway?".

Back to the theater. Why did we actually end up there? Ah yes exactly: "full spectrum". With our Bona Dea, we offer a so-called "full spectrum CBD oil". Unlike isolates, this retains all the naturally occurring ingredients in the cannabis plant. With an oil that has all the plant components, a whole ensemble of active ingredients comes together that can make a performance quite dynamic.

Act Two: Entourage Effect

Why on earth are we suddenly talking about theater and ensembles? Well, it's a catchy image to describe the "entourage effect." Sure, a monologue by a single performer in a cone of spotlights can be exciting, no question, but the dynamics in an ensemble piece are hard to beat. It's the same with CBD products. A CBD isolate, as the name implies, a product exclusively with CBD, can certainly help some people with their ailments. However, an entire ensemble may be able to entertain on an entirely different level.

Let's imagine the human body for a moment. It is full of docking sites with various keyholes. If I dock there, my toe moves. If I pull there, I get hungry. There is communication between these docking sites and there are different keys to open desired locks. Now there are individual ailments that offer different docking sites and require different keys for relief. If we send CBD off in isolation, it can unlock some locks. But if we send out our "full spectrum" ensemble, with CBD, THC, terpenes and flavanoids, many different locks can be picked. This can lead to a synergistic effect that multiplies the individual power of our active ingredients.

The emotional play of a performer can fuel the performance of his or her counterpart. CBD is supported by THC, at the same time CBD inhibits the psychoactive effect of THC. The terpene pinene has an anti-inflammatory effect, just like CBD, but docks in a different place, again supporting the isolated effect of CBD. Thus, the whole becomes more "than the sum of its parts". The entourage effect turns the individual active ingredients of the cannabis plant into a dynamic ensemble.

Third Act: Full Spectrum CBD Oil

The incredibly exciting thing about a plant is its complexity. Hundreds of different active ingredients are found in the cannabis plant, which in turn are also found in many other plants. In this combination, however, they are only found in cannabis. Over 140 of them are cannabinoids. If you manage to translate the complexity of a cannabis plant into an oil, you offer the active ingredient CBD a completely different stage. When combined with THC, terpenes and flavanoids, CBD can reach its full potential, living up to its reputation as the cannabinoid of the hour. For this very reason, we at Grünkraft have Bona Dea, a full-spectrum CBD oil in our product line.

Curtain up! We bring the whole ensemble to the stage to guarantee our viewers the best performance!

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Cannabis Tech - The Science Behind the Entourage Effect

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