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Cannabis Records - Superlative Flowers

11.May 2021 | Manuela

A tipped over cup is full of gold glitter

Records have been set since time immemorial. In cannabis culture, too, there are countless superlatives. In this article we are looking for the biggest plantations, the most diligent growers and the most potent flowers.

Aerial view of plantation covered with black cloths

The Largest Cannabis Plantation in the World

In 2011, Mexican soldiers stumbled upon a cannabis plantation unlike anything the world had ever seen.

Image source

Hidden under black fabric, tons of cannabis plants grew upwards on a record-breaking 120 hectares in northern Mexico. With specimens of around 2.5 meters, a cultivation worth millions, but unfortunately illegal. The 120 tons of cannabis, with an estimated value of 100 million euros went up in flames and the Mexican authorities were allowed to note the record find in their success book.

Grünkraft CEO Tiano cheers and holds a trophy in the air

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The Largest Indoor Cannabis Facility

Things are a lot more legal in Canada. That's where the world's largest indoor facility is located. In 2018, the cultivation and distribution of cannabis was legalized in Canada. In spring 2018, the world's largest indoor facility went into operation near Vancouver. From the outside, it looks like a high-security compound with barbed wire fences and camera surveillance. Police patrol the facility several times a day, and anyone who wants to enter has to pass through several control gates. Behind thick walls are 350,000 plants spread over 100,000 square meters. Up to 40 tons of cannabis can be harvested here. Sounds like a lot, but it's not even enough to meet Canada's demand.

The Busiest Cannabis-Growing Country

Which country grows cannabis the most diligently? It's a question that's not easy to answer, as there's also some illegality involved. The top ten were determined here by the UNDOC. It publishes the "World Drug Report" at regular intervals. A mixture of direct indicators, such as the cultivation and destruction of cannabis plants, and indirect indicators, such as the seizure of plants, leads to the result that 135 countries produce cannabis.

Here are the top ten:

  • United States of America

  • Morocco

  • Afghanistan

  • Mexico

  • Colombia

  • Paraguay

  • Jamaica

  • Canada

  • Nigeria

  • India

Most Cannabis Users

A similarly difficult question to answer is which countrymen consume the most cannabis. One naturally thinks of the USA, Canada or the Netherlands, but permissive legislation alone does not make a smoking population. Again, we consult the UNDOC's "World Drug Report". In the following top ten, the highest percentage of citizens report using cannabis.

  • Chile

  • Canada

  • Papua New Guinea

  • Israel

  • Palau

  • Northern Mariana Islands

  • Ghana

  • Guam

  • Iceland

  • United States of America

Smoking Irvin Rosenfeld in suit with joint

The Most Diligent Cannabis Smoker

Roughly he has smoked about 140,000 joints in his life. We're not talking about Willie Nelson or Snoop Dogg, but Irvin Rosenfeld.

Image source

He has smoked about ten joints a day for more than 34 years. Rosenfeld suffers from a genetic disorder that causes painful bone tumors called "Multiple Cartilaginous Exostosis".

In 1982, Rosenfeld was selected for the U.S. government's "Compassionate Investigational New Drug Program". Through the program, Rosenfeld received cannabis regularly to keep his pain at bay. Today, he remains an avid smoker and advocate for the cannabis plant.

The Biggest Joint

Ignacio Rodriguez has the longest. Next to the halls of the Mary Jane Hemp Fair in Berlin, the world's longest joint was created in 2019. In three days, with the help of about twenty helpers, Rodriquez rolled a joint 50.6 meters long. World record! About 40,000 euros worth of weed were twisted to make a statement for cannabis legalization. Chapeau Ignacio!

Big gold joint in elephant tooth shape on table

The Most Expensive Joint in the World

The most expensive joint ever sold came under the auction hammer in California. The artistic piece in the shape of an elephant's tooth was worth 24,000 US dollars. The company "Stone Road Farms" auctioned the showpiece for a good cause and the proceeds went to the "African Wildlife Foundation". The joint was just under a meter long and weighed about half a kilo, encased in gold leaf. Decadent.

Image source

The Most Potent Plants

Especially when it comes to potency, a lot has changed in recent years. What was unthinkable a few decades ago is now taking its place on the potency podium. We select, with the help of the "High Times" the winners in the categories CBD and THC.

CBD Content

CBD levels in particular have been on the rise recently. Again and again Cannatonic delivers good results. But the winner here is Candida CD-1, which cracks the 20% mark every now and then.

THC Content

Let's meet the "Godfather OG". A worthy name for the most potent of all strains. The cross of Cherry Pie, OG Kush and Granddaddy Purps has an incredible activated THC level of 34.04%. The "Don of all Kush" reaches the highest cannabinoid value ever measured.

The Largest CBD Plant

It stands in a 15,000-liter pot and yields around 2 kg of flowers. The giant plant is part of a research project of ETH Zurich and Pure Production. They want to find out how high the yield of an outdoor plant can be. Anyone who wants to pay a visit to the giant sphere must travel to Switzerland and does so best in the fall, where the plant is expected to have a 4 m circumference.

The Oldest Cultivated Plant

Officially cultivated for the first time 5000 years ago in China, cannabis is probably the oldest cultivated plant in the world still in use. We write "officially" because the oldest documented find is over 6000 years old ; A piece of cloth found in Asia. Hemp fabric from the eighth century is also found thousands of kilometers away in Ankara.

Hemp was and is used in many ways: Clothing, ropes, fishing nets, sails, marine cordage, paper or as medicine. As early as 110 BC, the Chinese surgeon Hua T'o used cannabis as a sedative before surgeries. A historical world record for the cultivated plant.

34%, 5000 years, 140,000 joints - Impressive records. The cliché of a lazy sofa culture is not confirmed at all. We can only marvel and are curious what the future will bring!

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