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Can CBD help with period pain?

3.September 2020 | Manuela

A woman holds her belly bent over

Every month she rings - The red aunt. An unwelcome guest for most women, she brings by a number of complaints for many: cramps, mood swings, discomfort, bloating.

CBD, the faithful period helper, brings relaxation

Period discomfort can limit life quite a bit. Cramps and work are difficult to reconcile. Leisure activities become superfluous or complicated and everyday life looks different for a few days. The offers for relief are as varied as the complaints. A natural alternative to conventional medicines is CBD oil, a liquid extracted from the hemp plant.

Linda is walking through a park full of flowers with a bag on her shoulder

Do you suffer from endometriosis?

We spoke to Linda, a sufferer.

Hear more about Lindas CBD treatment

Already our ancestors knew about the effect of cannabis

The effectiveness of hemp for period pain has been known for centuries. Even in Mesopotamia, women used the plant to treat their menstrual cramps. Queen Victoria of Great Britain had her personal physician prescribe a hemp tincture every month. By the 1920s, most painkillers were cannabis-based. The CBD (cannabidiol) extracted from the plant interacts with endocannabinoids produced naturally in the body's endocannabinoid system. Or in more user-friendly terms, CBD can intercept pain signals to the brain, providing pain relief. Due to its natural base, the body is not as stressed in the long term as with other painkillers.

CBD - as individual as you are

A variety of products with different concentrations offers you the possibility to react to your individual complaints and needs. We are constantly working on new and improved products to achieve the best results for you - it's best to just try them out! Next time you visit your red aunt, why not serve her something new, and maybe she'll strike a more conciliatory note.

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