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"CBD is my glimmer of hope" - Linda has endometriosis

26.February 2021 | Manuela

Linda is walking through a park full of flowers with a bag on her shoulder

Somehow you get the feeling that you should be able to see it on her face, but you don't. It is all the more shocking to learn that Linda is suffering from terrible pain. Linda has endometriosis. She has been using Grünkraft CBD oil for a few years. With success?

What is endometriosis anyway?

The "endometrium" refers to the lining of the uterus, which puts us in the right part of the body to figure out what endometriosis is: tissue that closely resembles the lining of the uterus settles outside the uterus and can cause tremendous pain. The disease has many faces and does not run the same course in every woman, but its ugliest face is probably the intense pain that can cause sufferers to faint.

"A few years ago, I had a breakdown in Hong Kong. I was traveling and completely out of commission for a few days," Linda says. "In between, I have a pain-free week, but really I'm always in pain. They are most severe during my menstrual period."

Endometriosis is a chronic disease, and if anything, it usually doesn't subside until after menopause. "The disease is my lifelong companion, or rather my lifelong bully."

Endometriosis - A Tricky Diagnosis

"Endometriosis" is a diagnosis that, unfortunately, a large number of women are mistakenly not given. It is believed that about 10% of sexually mature women suffer from the disease. Pain during menstruation is "just normal" and is often trivialized. Many sufferers report a number of misdiagnoses and a lack of understanding on the part of the medical profession.

"I was plagued by severe shoulder pain and knife-like cramps for years. I assumed that I was moving too little or the wrong way. Physical therapy didn't help much. Tiger Balm became my constant companion and my school children recognized me from afar by my smell. I got through my period only with several heat patches and strong pain medication. Fortunately, I have a very understanding employer. I'm a teacher and I've also broken down in school."

The excesses of endometriosis

Like Linda, many women feel the same way. They suffer from pain, often pain that at first glance does not resemble gynecological disease. The inflammatory tissue deposits can settle in a wide variety of places in the body and cause very different clinical pictures.

"At some point, I noticed that my shoulder pain coincided with the rhythm of my menstruation. I started Googling and came across endometriosis. The first gynecologist didn't take me seriously and prescribed stronger painkillers. I then sought help at the Frauenklinik Bern, which has an endometriosis center. There, after a laproscopy, I finally got a diagnosis of diaphragmatic endometriosis. That was a good three years ago."

Finding "endometriosis" and now what?

"I realized I shouldn't be on strong medication for weeks, but somehow I had to function. I couldn't stay on the couch crying." Endometriosis-related pain severely limits the quality of life for affected women. "I lose some of my spontaneity. For example, I have to pay close attention to my diet and eat something every three hours."

Treatment depends heavily on the extent of the symptoms. Generally, surgical or drug therapies are the main treatments used. Linda had surgery in 2019 and was unable to walk for about three months after complications with a nerve. "After the surgery, I again had to take strong painkillers, but replaced them relatively quickly with CBD oil."

CBD: from chance find to glimmer of hope

"On a trip in California," is Linda's answer when asked how she first encountered CBD. "I was suspicious of the whole thing. I'm not into drugs. A little later, I came across CBD again on a blog. I did some research and soon realized that it's all legal and has nothing to do with drugs. On the contrary, it's a natural product and I gave it a chance."

CBD actually offers some relief potential. Endometriosis is a chronic, inflammatory disease. Research to date strongly suggests that CBD may have anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and pain-relieving effects. "I started with a 6% CBD oil from the drugstore. I had to take a lot to feel any effect." With this, Linda is like many CBD consumer:s: Dosage and effect are very different and often an individual trial and error is the only way to the ideal effect.

CBD oil as a daily companion

"I came across Grünkraft through friends. I tried the Grünkraft Luna CBD oil 20% and was thrilled. In the meantime, I regularly take the Fortuna CBD oil 15% without THC. I take at least one drop daily. To fall asleep sometimes 2-3 drops and in case of severe discomfort sometimes 10 drops. I've been able to reduce the pile of painkillers quite a bit thanks to CBD."

Linda goes into raptures, "I can't imagine my life without CBD oil. I have a very sensitive stomach and CBD is the gentle alternative to all the common medications for me. Besides CBD oil, acupuncture, yoga, bioidentical hormones, various supplements, tea, pregnancy pants (they prevent pressure on the stomach) and vegan diet help me." "CBD oil became a ray of hope for me. It makes me feel like I don't have to be so dependent on medication and have a natural helper on my side."

We are genuinely impressed by Linda's energy and would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your openness. It is experiences like this that show how important CBD can be as a herbal supplement to common healing methods.

«CBD oil became a beacon of hope for me. It makes me feel like I don't have to be so dependent on medication and have a natural helper on my side.»


If you'd like to learn even more about Linda, check her out on Instagram

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