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CBD Indoor Plant - Comfort Zone on Cold Days

21.January 2021 | Manuela

Grünkraft business manager Simon smells a cannabis flower in production

The days are short, the ground slowly thaws as the temperature moves reluctantly above freezing - It's winter. What does that mean for our cannabis plants in Bern? Quite simple: Off to the warm indoor facilities.

Although the cannabis plant is known for its robust nature, allowing it to establish itself around the world, it has its limitations and we are required to move them sooner or later into the warmth, namely into our CBD indoor plant.

Cannabis does not like to freeze

If the temperature drops below 20 °C, the cannabis plant suffers. As a result, growth is impaired and even more devastating, even if it recovers, the full potential of the CBD plant cannot be reached.

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What do excessively low temperatures do to cannabis plants?

One example of how low temperature can affect the health of the cannabis plant is sugar production during photosynthesis: if the temperature is too low, the sugar in the plant cannot move easily and, in the worst case, may even get stuck. This in turn can lead to a growth stop.

The trichome production, which is so important for us, is also disturbed by temperatures that are too cold and both the color and taste of the CBD flowers are affected. So with a Bernese average of 0 °C in January, we move to the warm indoor plants in time.

Why are indoor CBD plants worthwhile?

Basically, in an indoor plant, the grower takes on the role of nature. Under artificial conditions, he or she simulates the ideal climatic conditions for growing cannabis plants in a hall. Thus, the cultivation becomes adjustable and rich harvests are no longer dependent on outside temperatures.

What happens in an indoor plant from Grünkraft?

Thanks to sophisticated systems, the temperature in our indoor facilities remains controllable and scalable. Our facilities are closed clean rooms in which uniform climate conditions prevail 365 days a year.

Inhale and exhale - air plays an important role in indoor facilities

The supply air from outside is passed through a series of F7 and Hepa 14 filters to achieve a purity level of 99.995%. The particle-free supply air can then be heated as desired. Thanks to a heat recovery system, this is done without any additional energy input, because the waste heat comes from our production facilities themselves. This means that even when it's clashing outside, our plants are comfortably warm. Furthermore, we can humidify our air at will with the help of misting nozzles to guarantee an ideal humidity. At the same time, we can prevent contamination by harmful germs by means of a disinfection system.

Put in the right light - cannabis plants will thrive

Anyone who has ever followed the life cycle of a cannabis plant knows how important the day and night structure is for its flowering. Here, too, we leave nothing to chance and illuminate our upstarts with LED lamps. Because these offer us a wide color spectrum to skillfully illuminate and thus support each growth phase.

More than just technology - experience and intuition

Thanks to sophisticated technology, even the coldest Swiss winter can be avoided. Although controlled cultivation on this scale is made possible by automatisms and strict procedures, it should not be forgotten how labor-intensive an indoor plant remains in spite of everything. All structures are based on years of experience and also some failures. Every cannabis plant, every strain is different, has different demands and preferences and so even with any remote setup, the eye and intuition of an experienced grower remains essential for success.

Cannabis is alive and so the challenges in its cultivation remain diverse. We accompany our approximately 20'000 indoor plants from mother plant to flower. This is how we guarantee the stability of our genetics and the quality of our flowers.


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