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Cannabis mother plants - selection, care and benefits

30.April 2021 | Manuela

A green cannabis plant close up from above

Grünkraft is home to well over a hundred mothers. Of course, this does not mean human team members, but the cannabis mother plants that provide lush offspring in our green spaces again and again. Mother plants are an ideal way to propagate your favorite plants over and over again. Here's a crash course on the subject.

What are cannabis mother plants?

Mother plants are plants that are so valuable thanks to their characteristics that cuttings are grown from them over and over again. They are exceptional specimens and they can sometimes fetch five-figure sums in the current CBD market. Unlike seed sowing, one achieves more homogeneous yields. In addition, the favorite plant can be cloned over and over again, sometimes for years. There are even voices claiming that there are mothers who have already reached 35 years of age. Grünkraft has not yet achieved this, but we are only in our infancy ourselves. We remain ambitious ;)

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Finding the right mother plant

If you have a cannabis strain that you have grown fond of, you naturally want to enjoy it as long as possible. Motherplanting requires a lot of effort, so the clonable strain should be chosen carefully.

This is what you should pay attention to when choosing a mother plant

Initially, certainly appearance, color and aroma convince one about suitable candidates. If the trichomes on the flowers are shiny, you can assume a strong terpene and cannabinoid profile. Those looking to establish a long-term relationship should also pay attention to a plant's health, resilience and vitality.

Two to three weeks after the vegetative phase begins, one can begin to grow cuttings from the mother plant. The cuttings again provide information about the appropriate choice of a mother plant. One should take time to select the right candidate. Patience and leisure are required, but a suitable mama will then thank you for years.

The right care of a mother plant

What should thrive for years, must get the right conditions and receive adequate care. The necessary parameters are:

  • Fresh, clean air

  • Clean water

  • Mother plants do not need endless space. There are even growers:inside, who very successfully rely on the bonsai method.

  • A life in the vegetative phase requires more light. In 24 hours mother plants need more than 12 hours of light, preferably in the blue color spectrum.

  • Since the plants are continuously kept in the growing phase, they need constant access to sufficient nutrients. The nutrients essential for the cannabis plant can be read in our blog "The Cannabis Menu".

  • Plants need regular topping. About two weeks after the onset of the vegetative phase, an even canopy should be ensured by careful bending. In addition, regular trimming should be done.

  • Since the plants are kept longer than average, special attention should be paid to the root system. Fabric pots are best suited. Unlike conventional pots, the roots do not need to be trimmed as often. Roots that protrude from the soil and grow along the pot should be trimmed. Only a healthy root system will guarantee years of enjoyment.

The eternal circle of life

With these parameters, nothing stands in the way of a long and fruitful cooperation. Each variety is different, but with years of caring for a "family" also increases experience about the needs of each kin, because the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Even if you hear about 30-year-old plant seniors, every cannabis existence comes to an end one day. At some point, the plant cells will no longer be able to break down nutrients and even the most beautiful mother plant will say goodbye. However, its remains can be used to create fertilizer for the next generation.

Advantages of mother plant husbandry

  • The big keyword here is homogeneity. Homogeneity in aroma and potency are a sure value in wholesale. Homogeneity in size and growth allow for potential savings in lighting and supplies. Homogeneity promises more femininity and less male pollination.

  • With mother plants, unlike cannabis seeds, you know what you are getting. Most cannabis seeds available today are polyhybrids. They are the first generation of seeds produced by crossing two stable hybrids. This can lead to some underwhelming results.

  • With mother plants, staggered cultivation is possible. It is possible to have flowering plants at all times and not be able to get out of harvesting at all.

Cannabis Mother Plants = High Yield Creation

As so often in life, we have our favorites among cannabis plants. We cherish them and they grow on us. With mother plants, we can clone our favorites endlessly and, in the best case, enjoy them for decades. Mother plants need patience and attention, but reward with reliable harvests. The homogeneity of such a cultivation also guarantees Grünkraft a constant quality. Hurray for the mothers!

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