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We are proud Award Winner

11.August 2020 | Manuela

The trophy made of glass and wood for the second place at the SwissCannaCup

Harlequin, our outdoor favorite, has won us our first award. We take second place at the CannaSwissCup 2019/2020. Grazie mille!

The award-winning CBD flower: Harlequin

Two years after the company was founded, Grünkraft is allowed to offer one of the best outdoor products on the Swiss market: Our Harlequin surprises with its light green color. It is unique in taste, sweet-sour and aromatic like no other strain.

Where does the Harlequin Strain come from?

Harlequin originated in the 1970's and is a cross between:

  • Columbian Gold

  • Thai and Swiss Sativa and a

  • a Nepalese Indica variant

The sativa-dominant genetics are particularly rich in CBD. Thanks to this high concentration of CBD, the psychoactive high of THC is defused. Green strength Harlequin is described as more sedative. Thanks to skillful crosses, a THC content of 0.7% is not exceeded.

What does the excellent Harlequin look like?

Harlequin strain has dense flowers of medium size. The leaves are light green with splashes of color from orange to purple. Thanks to a large number of trichomes and a gentle drying process, our Harlequin smells tropically fruity, with a slight musky note. The smoke is smooth and has a rich finish.

How is Harlequin produced at Grünkraft?

Grünkraft Harlequin is created from select mother plants that have been nurtured and cared for over the years. Although Harlequin is susceptible to environmental hazards, the strain thrives beautifully in the Bernese Alps.

The plant grows stocky and bushy, with strong branches. These very characteristics also make Harlequin an ideal indoor flower. Particular attention should be paid to humidity during cultivation, because too humid environment promotes mold and fungus in the dense flowers. Otherwise, Harlequin is relatively easy to cultivate and allows room for specific perfection.

What is the CannaSwissCup and how did it come about?

The CannaSwissCup originated from a meeting idea of the Swiss Hemp Coordination in 1998, and the first Cup was held immediately in the same year. Since then, a number of selected jury members annually determine the best Swiss cannabis varieties and present them with an award. Appearance and taste are judged.

The award ceremony is a highlight of the oldest still existing hemp fair in the world, the CannaTrade. This was held illegally in the beginning, but nowadays it is growing more and more every year thanks to legal CBD flowers. Therefore, the competitive field is also getting bigger and more professional. In the meantime, the flowers are tested for impurities and undergo exacting tests.

Grünkraft is proud to be a competitor at the CannaSwissCup and we are very happy about the success with our Harlequin. Many thanks to the organizers, the jury and our competitors. It is an honor to be on the podium among many professional growers. We are proud of it and this award motivates us even more to continue to bring award-winning flowers to the market.

The flower Harlequin against black background with an award for second place

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