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CBD in skin care: How justified is the hype?

7.May 2021 | Manuela

Wooden spoon with white cream, around the spoon are three cannabis leaves, a few stones and a bottle with pipette

Weighing about three kilograms and measuring up to two square meters, what are we talking about? Okay, the title gives it away. Today we are talking about the skin.

The skin performs an important protective function for our body and forms the barrier between us and harmful environmental influences. Hardly any part of the body changes as often as the skin. Since it completely renews itself about once a month, constant care is very important. There are many products for skin care and with all the foreign words, you often don't understand the advertisements. CBD is the latest blockbuster in the beauty industry and we wonder if the hype is justified.

The effect of CBD on the skin

Phytocannabinoids, like CBD, interact with various receptors in the human endocannabinoid system. This part of the nervous system has access to receptors throughout the body.

So-called CB1 receptors are found in the brain and spinal cord.

  • CB2 receptors are distributed throughout the rest of the body, including the skin.

  • CBD can therefore act directly on the spot.

CBD has been shown to interact with the body and specifically with the skin. And here, unfortunately, the established state of knowledge has already reached its limits. Scientific studies are still rare. So how come CBD shows up in so many skin care products? Well, because cannabis was criminalized for years, the state of research is underdeveloped. Nonetheless, the available study results are very promising and support the canon of testimonials.

Die Vorteile von CBD in der Hautpflege

  • Reliable antioxidant

    CBD seems to be a reliable antioxidant. CBD can eliminate free radicals and protect cells. Free radicals? These are intermediates in our body that get deposited in our cells. They put our tissues under stress and antioxidants like CBD keep the cells calm.

  • Anti-inflammatory properties

    CBD shows anti-inflammatory properties. A variety of skin conditions are caused by inflammation and CBD seems to play a calming role here.

  • Inhibits sebum production & moisturizes

    When applied topically (externally), CBD inhibits sebum production. It also moisturizes and smoothes rough patches.

Not a bad record. Especially with acne CBD shows good results. Inhibited sebaceous gland production in combination with anti-inflammatory components can sustainably improve the skin's appearance. CBD can also help with dry skin, such as occurs increasingly during menopause.

How is CBD oil applied to the skin?

CBD oil can either be applied pure to the affected areas or taken orally. Regular application and a restrained dosage are important. CBD needs time and patience. If you want more specifics on careful dosing, we can recommend our post on "CBD Dosage".

So is it worth adding CBD to your daily skincare routine?

CBD for skin care does seem to be a little more reality than appearance. For dry skin, isolated redness or acne, CBD is worth a try. Depending on the ailment, CBD oil can be used externally or internally. Patience and discipline are required.

Those who suffer from severe skin problems or increased allergies should definitely talk to a dermatologist before using it. In any case, we will stay tuned and continue to read the latest studies to keep you up to date.

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