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Cannabis Storage - Three Pillars Principle

18.February 2021 | Manuela

Kilos of cannabis lie neatly packed on a shelf

What has long been known to wine drinkers and cigar collectors must not be forgotten for high-quality cannabis: Optimal storage.

Why cannabis storage is so important

We have selected genetics, carefully cloned and planted them, nurtured them for weeks. We've scrutinized trichomes to strike between milky and amber in time. We have dried gently and trimmed carefully. All in all, we invested a lot of time and passion. Too much to throw all that effort in the garbage can with poor storage.

Cannabis is a plant, a living being and does not stop reacting with its environment with the harvest cut. After a gentle drying and a skillful trimming, the work is not done. Storage must not be neglected and, if neglected, can turn an aromatic flower into a pile of scratchy crumbs.

The key factors to consider are light, temperature and humidity. A balance of these factors will result in a long shelf life, high potency, and aromatic buds.

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An:experienced:grower:in knows how important light is for the development of the cannabis plant. It likes structure and a precise rhythm. It likes certain colors of light more than others, depending on the growth phase. What is essential in the development to beautiful flowers, becomes a disturbing factor after harvesting: with too much light, the transformation processes that happen when the plant "decays" are disturbed. The prime example of this is THC, which converts to CBN when exposed to too much light.

Photosynthesis, the response to light and the conversion of it into nutrients, is the cornerstone of successful plant life. The most important performer in photosynthesis is chlorophyll. It does the lion's share of light absorption and conversion into energy. As indispensable and positive as chlorophyll is for the development of the plant, it has the opposite effect on the cannabis user: it is itchy and bitter. After harvesting, it should be broken down. This happens mainly when flowers spend as much time as possible in the dark.

Green power blossoms are therefore transported in light-protected containers, if possible. They are packed in opaque garbage cans, sorted and packaged. They then make their way through Europe in classic cardboard boxes, protected from light. This helps the chlorophyll warp and gives the consumer a softer taste.


17-22 °C is the recommendation - 22 °C is our sweet spot. If it gets any higher, the flowers dry out. If the temperature is too low, the potency will dry out. The trichomes, the little hair-like structures on the cannabis plant that contain all the goodies that give us pleasure, go kaput if stored incorrectly. Too hot or too cold and they crumble and fall off.

Maintaining a constant temperature throughout the supply chain is impossible, but it is important that the flowers are not exposed to extreme temperatures for long periods of time. We constantly control the temperature in our storage rooms. Our rule of thumb is that a comfortable room temperature is also the most comfortable for our CBD flowers.


Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the gas mixture of the air. Anyone who has ever taken an extensive and hot shower will have encountered this phenomenon at the latest when looking in the mirror.

Changes in humidity have a decisive influence on the quality of cannabis, not only during growth, but also after harvest. The "American Society for Testing and Materials" has dealt with the subject of cannabis not so long ago, and thereby a guideline value of 55-65% humidity as ideal statuiert. If it is above that, the plant becomes susceptible to mold. If the humidity is below that, then it dries out; loses potency and aroma.

Fun Fact: In the old days, this problem was solved with home remedies. Orange peels, apple slices, damp kitchen paper or even bread were put alongside the cannabis.

In principle, we support the use of remedies, but in this case we must strongly advise against it. The addition of such agents always carries the risk of contamination; the natural flavors of the plant are adulterated and the humidity cannot be kept constant. The modern solution to the problem is called salt water.

Vacuum bags cannabis with Boveda moisture pads

Boveda x Grünkraft

Just before vacuuming, Boveda's humid packs meet the CBD flowers from Grünkraft

More about collaboration

Humidifier packs as ideal helpers for storage and shipping of CBD flowers

Table salt has the property of always producing a constant humidity of 75% for itself and its environment. Different salts have different preferences in this respect. Modern salt water humidifiers are based on this principle. Enclosed in a membrane capable of osmosis, a mixture of filtered water and selected salts slumbers in such humidifier packs.

The membrane ensures that only water particles escape the pack. At the same time, the salt determines how much is released and recovered. Thus, a salt water humidifier naturally maintains a constant humidity level in its environment.

Unlike its competitor, glycerin, the salt water solution manages to absorb large fluctuations in humidity in a very short time. That's why the so-called "humidpacks" have become an indispensable part of the cannabis industry.

A strong partnership between Boveda and Grünkraft

Grünkraft has been working with market leader Boveda for years. In all our vacuumed packages, there is always one of their humidifier packs hidden. Boveda not only ensures constant pleasant weather conditions in our shipped packages, but also dresses each trichome in a protective coat of distilled water. So neither potency nor aroma escapes.

Have you ever opened a package of cannabis and enjoyed a noseful? What is a familiar sight in the cannabis trade is actually a sign of lack of preservation of the scents in the trichomes. What we like to smell so much are lost aromas that the Boveda shield keeps them where they're supposed to be, in the flower and all the way to your home or store.

The devil is in the details - How are humidity and weight related?

Unlike light and temperature, humidity is also a direct economic factor that is often forgotten. More humidity in the flowers creates more weight. We chose the 62% Bovedapacks for this very reason, among others. They retain more moisture, and thus hold more weight than the 58% humidifier packs. What is hardly noticeable for private consumers can make a financial difference for larger quantities. Our goal is to provide you with high quality buds without much weight loss.

Cannabis storage - the bottom line

Light, Temperature and Humidity - These are the three pillars of successful cannabis storage. That's why Grünkraft always keeps an eye on its thermometers and hygrometers. In addition, we take care to move the flowers as little as possible so as not to endanger trichomes unnecessarily. We only work with gloves and on cleaned surfaces, because mold can take root long before packaging. Magnifying glasses are in the house not only so we can enjoy the beauty of the cannabis plant, but to keep track of any mold infestation. Once we are satisfied with our flowers, they get a bovedapack on the side, are vacuumed and move into a cardboard darkroom. This is how they start their journey from the idyllic mountains to all corners of Europe.

«Stored right doesn't mean all gained, but stored wrong pretty much means a lot lost.»


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