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The Grünkraft Quality Promise

Quality is important to us. Making it visible for CBD flowers is not always easy, but we like to meet challenges with pioneering work. Grünkraft CBD flowers go through strict incoming goods inspections. There, we define the quality for each batch and make the results and associated pricing system freely available to you.

We have high expectations for the CBD flowers we put on sale. Grünkraft flowers have bright colors, an intense smell, a clean trim and are compact between index finger and thumb. Only buds that meet these requirements have the chance to get the "Essential" or "Premium" rating in the next step. For both categories we guarantee additional quality characteristics.

Grünkraft Essential Icon a cannabis leaf in black lines on white background

Grünkraft Essential CBD flowers have a minimum size of 13 mm and an average moisture of 7-15%. They are characterized by a high homogeneity. For outdoor and greenhouse varieties we guarantee a maximum of 10 seeds per 500g, indoor varieties are seed-free. Essential flowers are constantly available throughout the year.

Grünkraft premium icon a cannabis leaf with crown in black lines on white background

Grünkraft Premium CBD flowers are a guarantee of the best quality. They are guaranteed free of artificial terpenes, are at least 15 mm in size and have a moisture content of 10-15%. In addition, a premium batch is characterized by its above-average homogeneity and vanishingly small amount of seeds, so you will find a greenhouse variety per 500 g maximum 3 seeds and indoor variety are guaranteed seed-free. Premium flowers are constantly available throughout the year.

With Essential and Premium, we give you a promise of quality you can count on!

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