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The Grünkraft CBD Flower Quality Standard

Determining the quality of CBD flowers is not easy. We like to solve challenges with pioneering work and for this reason we have developed a transparent quality standard. This deals with the requirements of a flower and records the quality of a batch by means of a point system. We make this Grünkraft quality publicly available in our online shop in the form of quality groups A-AAA. Not only that, but the prices are also adjusted to the quality. More transparency. More trust.

Icon: Measuring tape


Our wish flowers are a good 30 cm tall. But we both know that this is unlikely. Therefore, preferably somewhere south of 5 cm.
Icon: Colour wheel with pipette


The ideal flower glows rich green, but sometimes purple or orange. A question of genetics, but it must shine!
Icon: CBD flower


How does it lie between the index finger and thumb? Although softer flowers also have something to offer, we prefer the compact ones. What about trichomes? The more the merrier.
Icon: Nose and smell


Flare your nostrils and take a deep breath. Is something coming? How strong does the flower smell and does the smell meet our expectations of genetics? We like a multi-layered and intense smell.
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What about the trim? How many leaves are still attached to the flowers? Highest score for clean, uniform flowers.
Icon: Hands holding a quality seal and 5 stars


How homogeneous is the harvest? Are there quality differences in size and color? The rating "passed" is given for uniform uniformity.
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