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CBD oils Grünkraft Fortuna, 5 %

Article Number: 10-00215


Grünkraft Fortuna means CBD oil without THC, but a full load of CBD. The CBD oil, named after the Roman goddess of luck, is ideal for everyday use and is ideal for microdosing.

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Country of Production
100% Switzerland
CBD Content
THC Content
Package Contents
10 pcs. 10ml MCT oil with 500 mg CBD
Coconut based MCT oil, plant extract Cannabis sativa L.
Fortuna CBD oil from Grünkraft focuses on the essentials: CBD. Purists are at the right address, because Fortuna offers natural relaxation without THC.

Purist also means natural and without additives. Fortuna is created in the middle of the Swiss Alps. The cannabidiol CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant in a sophisticated process and enriched with an organic coconut-based MCT oil. The MCT oil ensures that your relaxation increases quickly, because it transports the CBD to the needed places in the body.

Fortuna was designed for daily use. With concentrations between 5% and 15%, it is particularly suitable for micro-dosing. Fortuna is our recommendation for CBD newbies and anyone who wants to get pure CBD on a regular basis.

You are not a purist and you are looking for the full power of the cannabis plant? Then our Bona Dea might be something for you?
Now first take a deep breath in and then exhale deeply again. Good! Now you are ready to use CBD oil: apply two drops and let it take effect.

CBD will affect every organism differently and that's why we recommend you to start with a low dosage in the beginning. Only when you feel comfortable and know approximately how your body reacts to CBD, you can always increase the dosage. It's best to follow the simple rule: "Start slow, go low".