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Loyalty Program

Loyalty should be rewarded, also at Grünkraft! That's why we are launching a loyalty program where you can unlock different bonus levels with your purchases and benefit from unique rewards with your next order.

Grünkraft loyalty program table Essential products bonus levels with discounts

From January 1st to December 31st of each year, all of your purchases of Essential or Premium CBD flowers will be added up. Once you have reached a cumulative amount of 20 kg of Essential or 10 kg of Premium flowers, you will have the opportunity to benefit from our loyalty bonuses. You then decide if you want to apply it on your very next order, or rather wait and keep shopping until you reach the next bonus level.

Grünkraft loyalty program table Premium products bonus levels with discounts

If you redeem the achieved bonus on your very next order, the addition of your revenue on Essential and Premium flowers will start all over again. If you wait, you will have the opportunity to unlock a new bonus level with each additional 10 kg. You can have up to 50 kg of cumulative revenue rewarded. Whether and how you redeem your bonus is up to you. Furthermore, you have the option to distribute your bonus over several orders.

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