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Grünkraft Fresh Spray

Article Number: 10-00233


Grünkraft Fresh Spray with peppermint flavor is a freshness kick in your pocket. With innovative technology, CBD becomes water-soluble and so first-class effects can be achieved even with small doses.

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Country of Production
100% Switzerland
CBD Content
THC Content
Package Contents
10 pcs. 10ml spray with 100mg CBD
Distilled water, potable alcohol, mint essence, raspberry essence, plant extract Cannabis sativa L.
With the Grünkraft Fresh Spray, Grünkraft launches an innovative product line. Until now, we had to transport cannabinoids like CBD into the body with the help of fat-soluble substances. But since our body prefers water-soluble substances, some was lost on the way to the target. With the help of a sophisticated process, we can now convert CBD into a hydrophilic-like substance. This means that the body can collect the CBD so much better and transport it to its destinations.

With the Grünkraft Fresh Spray, we are bringing this innovation to the market for the first time. Coupled with the cooling effect of peppermint, the CBD spray is the ideal everyday companion. Thanks to the precise application through the spray head, micro-dosing is made easy.

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Remove the lid from the spray. Press once for a pump of freshness.

CBD is as individual as the human body and therefore affects each organism differently. We recommend to use the Grünkraft Fresh Spray only once a day, because with CBD the motto is: "Slow and low". Less is more.

The Grünkraft Fresh Spray should preferably be stored dry, cool and protected from light. CBD belongs on the top shelf, because children should not get their hands on it.